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Welcome to ESM Investments, we invest in early-growth stage technology companies located in Scotland and the North of England. We are located in Stirling. Read more if you are interested in looking at investment opportunities or if you are a company seeking investment.


We offer members opportunities to invest alongside an experienced investment team with a strong track record of investing, supporting growth and realising returns.


As part of our commitment to our members, we implement and maintain investment standards promoting consistency in approach and encouraging feedback loops for learning.


We are committed to hosting ESM Member events every quarter - giving members the opportunity to hear first-hand from our leadership team, hear from new investment opportunities and existing portfolio companies.


Our team has strong entrepreneurial networks in both the national and international tech community.

A Time of Opportunity

ESM invests directly into early stage technology companies and has done for the past 8 years. ESM was formed by a group of successful technology entrepreneurs in 2011 to provide early stage growth capital to best in class early-growth stage technology companies throughout Scotland and the North of England.

In recent times, we have seen that a number of tech hubs have emerged and are gathering real momentum both in Scotland and in the North of England. These tech hubs are home to an ever-increasing number of early-growth stage technology companies seeking investment to grow their businesses beyond ideas to world class and sustainable businesses. ESM is ideally located to play its part in providing opportunity for investment and in ensuring that investors are given the opportunity to invest in high quality and qualified investment propositions.

ESM has >£13 million invested to date and currently maintains a membership of >100 high net worth individuals, many of whom have been alongside us from day one. Some 35+ investment transactions have been completed in this timeframe. The ESM team has a strong track record of investing, supporting growth, identifying when the best stage is to exit and realising returns.

We are a lead investor but we also co-invest with investment partners world-wide.

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ESM Investments - growing the future together

We are delighted to extend the opportunity for high net worth individuals to co-invest alongside us. These investments are not for everyone and should be only considered as part of your overall investment strategy. By co-investing alongside ESM Investments you will however qualify for some valuable tax advantages through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), subject to an annual limit of £2 million. These include up to 30% of your income tax bill and the ability to defer any capital gains you make. The EIS scheme is designed to encourage investment in small, higher risk firms in need of expansion capital.

Our Approach

Our entire investment focus is on early-growth stage technology companies that can demonstrate a validated customer base. These are relatively small businesses that have invariably identified a gap for a new product or service and need capital to commercialise and/or expand operations. Our existing portfolio of investee companies are formed of them and typically we will look to hold an investment in each company for a period of between 5 to 7 years before exiting.

Not every start-up project can succeed. We seek to identify the successes of the future and a fundamental part of our selection and on-going investment management processes is in the maintenance of ESM Standards. These standards have been crafted from our own experience as former founders of tech businesses. They help us to take a balanced and consistent view of the needs of our portfolio and, importantly, help to provide a clear and attractive proposition to be of interest to future external investors and potential acquirers.

Our involvement does not stop at the point of investment. Within ESM Investments we have decades of entrepreneurial excellence to draw on and give all of our investee management teams daily access to that expertise. We also regularly review ESM portfolio companies and provide updates to our investors.

Our Investor Events

ESM Investments is committed to hosting an ESM Member Event every quarter. As well as providing the opportunity for you to hear first-hand from the leadership team of ESM Investments and from the management teams of our investee companies, the events are stimulating and often highlight timely and valuable further investment opportunities for ESM members. ESM events are by invitation, online and they are free to attend. Simply contact us if you would like a no obligation invitation and we look forward to getting to know you.

The format is simple. Presentations are made by up to three different and new investment opportunities and a presentation is usually made from at least one of ESM’s existing portfolio company’s about their product developments, commercialisation and/or investment plans and future growth strategies. This is followed by thoughts from the ESM Leadership team to start off an in-depth discussion amongst attendees.

Our current portfolio

The ESM Advisory Group

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ESM Investments - growing the future together

If you are considering a tax qualifying investment and you would like to discuss how to get started or you are an early-growth stage technology business that would like to discuss potentially receiving investment from ESM Investments, please contact us.


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